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          • - Nice Microgaming game
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          There are many video slot games that take the inspiration for their themes from ancient stories and legends. Everybody will be familiar with the English legend of Robin Hood. Robin was an outlaw who rebelled against the wealthy authorities because of their treatment of the poor. Robin and his band of outlaws lived on the run in Sherwood Forest. They stole from the rich and distributed their gains to the needy.

          The Robin Hood: Feathers of Fortune video slot game draws its inspiration from that tale, but has several twists. The “Robin” of the title in the game is not a person, but a bird that is, of course, a robin who is wearing a green hat. The “Feathers” are not those that give stability to arrows, Robin Hood’s ammunition of choice, but to the downy feathers that keep birds protected from the cold.

          While it is easy to transpose Robin the man to a bird of the same name, it is harder to guess which birds the creators would choose birds to represent the other well-known characters in the legendary tales. Maid Marion is a dove, Little John is a staff-bearing pigeon (yes, I know!!) when he is not swigging from a beer tankard. Friar Tuck appears as an owl.

          At this stage, you are probably wondering what flying creature was chosen to represent the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. A vicious bird of prey perhaps, or a vulture that feeds on the misfortune of others? Well, no! The game’s creators have chosen the crow to represent the Sheriff.

          Playing the game

          Robin Hood: Feathers of Fortune is from the Microgaming stable, and includes all the features you would expect to see in a video slots games from this company. There are wild and scatter symbols. Hardly surprisingly, the wild symbol in this game is the Robin Hood one. A Wanted poster is the scatter symbol. You need 3 of these on screen to activate the scatter feature, which offers payouts up to 100 times the amount wagered.

          The reel display is a standard 5×3, and matching symbols appearing sequentially in any line across provide a win. In all, there are 243 winning combinations possible. You do not need to claim wins, as each one is recorded automatically.


          As you would expect from a Microgaming product, the graphics are excellent, and use just the right amount of animation. Background sound and music is pretty standard, and nothing to get enthusiastic about. There are customization options available, so you can tailor certain aspects of the game to your own tastes.

          If you are one of those people who like to put their bets on automatically, Robin Hood: Feathers of Fortune lets you easily play either 5 or 10 spins without manual intervention. You can set the number of automatic plays to an even higher figure using the game’s setup menu.

          Robin Hood: Feathers of Fortune includes a bonus game, something that we always view as a positive. The game is activated when you get a bonus symbol simultaneously in reels 1 and 5. You select which targets you want Robin to aim at. When his arrow hits the target, the target explodes to reveal the bonus credits.


          There is a lot to like about this game, and not much to criticize. Experienced video slots gamers may be disappointed to discover that there is no progressive jackpot feature, although this seems to be a new trend with the latest games.

          Microgaming rarely produce games that are not fun and entertaining, and Robin Hood: Feathers of Fortune is one of their successes. It’s an enjoyable game to play, and its payouts match those of similar games.

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