Jurassic Slots

Jurassic Slots

Jurassic Slots










          • - Impressive Audio and Graphics
          • - Scatter Payouts
          • - Held Wilds During Free Spins
          • - Three Level Bonus Game


          • - Fixed Jackpot Amounts
          • - No Progressive Jackpot



          Jurassic Slots takes the themes of Jurassic Park and turns them into a thrilling slot machine. As the game loads, players experience a chilling clip where a team lands on an island which is overrun with dinosaurs. The reels then play out the conflict between man and these prehistoric creatures.

          On the reels, there are six different dinosaurs that are portrayed. Humans are represented by a woman holding a dart gun, along with a helicopter and a land rover. Also featured on the reel are amber fossils which contain dinosaur DNA and a volcanic island image. Players attempt to match the series of images to maximize their points.

          To further enhance the game, the T-Rex is available and helps to increase the odds of a win. The game also features a scatter bonus in dense foliage and an egg bonus game. As players spin the reels, they are treated to intense background music which captures the essence of the dinosaur theme. When a match occurs, the images become animated. The T-rex swipes his tail, the eggs hatch, the pterodactyl flaps its wings and more. These visuals aid in the excitement of the game and keep players spinning the reels time and again.


          Jurassic Slots is a slot machine created by Vegas Technology which features 25 pay lines of fun. Players can wager anywhere from .01 to 10.00 per line. The variances in sizes makes it ideal for both casual players and high rollers.

          In the game, the T-Rex continues a string of images and provides players with the actual payout listed. This is based on the icons that fall before it, or after it if the T-Rex falls in the first slot.

          Free spins are awarded when three or more scatter symbols appear. The first three scatter symbols award 10 free spins. During each spin, if a T-Rex appears, the entire row turns into a series of T-Rex symbols to help maximize the chances of hitting a jackpot.

          Also featured in Jurassic Slots is a bonus game. This occurs when three or more eggs appear on the screen. As the bonus game loads, the silhouette of the T-Rex appears on the screen and lets out of growl.   The bonus game begins in the lab where players choose a bonus item. This item is carried until the bonus game ends. Next, players choose a section of the island to visit. Their selection on the map is awarded with a dollar value. Players then must choose one of three panels to continue the game. Another dollar amount is presented for their winnings. Finally, players are given the chance to exchange their winnings for access to the item they originally chose or to escape the island with the money they have earned. The item on hand is either worth more or less than what they have access to. If players leave, they are awarded the value of the earnings. If they stay, a new clip shows them how much they earned.

          Adrenaline Pumping Action

          Jurassic Slots combines the thrill of slots with the excitement of the Jurassic Park movies. This game is certain to keep you on the edge of your seat with flashy graphics and timeless fun. Take the time to experience one of the best online slot games available today.


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