Queen of the Jungle Game

Queen of the Jungle

Queen of the Jungle












            • - Wide range of betting features
            • - Audio visual features
            • - More than one type of second screen bonus game
            • - Better chance of hitting jackpot


            • - Low number of paylines
            • - Jackpots are set to pay at low rate


            Queen of the Jungle is a product of Microgaming. The 9 payline, 5 reel video slot allows players to bet as many as 20 coins per payline, with a maximum line bet of 10.00. Multidenominational betting ranges from .01 to .50, resulting in a maximum bet of 90.00 per spin. Two jackpots are available.

            Colorful scenery accounts for the attraction of many online casino slot machines. Queen of the Jungle uses the wild natural beauty of the African Jungle for its themed slot game. The Queen herself, a beautiful young woman clad in tribal finery, is one of the reel symbols. A platter of fruits is another symbol. The Queen of the Jungle logo is used for the wild symbol. Bright colors and lots of detail create an appealing display of the caricatures. It substitutes for every symbol except scatter, so is used in line payout. It is not a multiplier.

            There are two scatter symbols. One displays passion fruit and the other has 3 monkeys. Scatter payout is earned when at least two identical scatter symbols appear on the reels. Three or more Passion Juice symbols award 15 free spins at 3 times the payout. Additional scatters retrigger free spins.

            Tribal motifs and green leaves are displayed on reel high value card symbols ranging from Ace to Nine. Audio adds to the jungle theme with tribal sounds during a win and background music with an intense beat. Scatter symbols maximize the use of audio visual animations. Monkeys chatter and gesture wildly. The queen and her boyfriend eat the fruits on the platter. The queen also plays with her bird, which is standing on her shoulder. Passion Fruit juice is slurped up noisily through a straw.

            Bonus games on the second screen deliver interactive options for the player. The animated bonus occurs when at least 3 monkey symbols are displayed on the reels. The player chooses a bonus game offered by each monkey.

            Monkey Chop shows the Queen sitting on her throne. There are 12 coconuts lined up on the floor. The player selects a coconut and a monkey dressed in a karate uniform uses a karate chop to break it open. If he fails, consolation credits are awarded to the player and the bonus round is over. If he succeeds, the player gets bonus credits and chooses another coconut until the monkey fails to break open the selection.

            The Monkey Gift bonus offers the player a chance to choose the highest level of bonus points among 9 gifts. If the first selection seems low, the player can forfeit the price and pick again for a total of 3 chances.

            Monkey Fetch is entertaining. The player gets to choose 3 of 10 monkeys hanging from vines one at a time. The monkey scampers up the tree and brings back a fruit and bonus credits. There is no way to know which monkey offers the best prize, but it is fun to seek the best award.

            Queen of the Jungle rates a score of 8 out of 10. The number of paylines is limited, but the bonus games and player interaction compensate with their creativity. Autoplay and adjustable game speed are player-friendly features, as is the sense of adventure found in the bonuses. Gaming rules are easy to understand and follow.

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