Major Millions

Major Millions Slot Game

Major Millions Slot Game












            • - Nice Progressive jackpot
            • - AutoPlay and Expert Mode
            • - Wild symbols triple in value


            • - No free spins
            • - No gamble bonus
            • - Changes value often


            Major Millions is a progressive online video-based slot game with a bonus wild feature. The game is a five reel, fifteen-line game, this mean that you have a game that is five reels wide and offers fifteen different pay lines allowing you to win on a single more up to all fifteen lines.


            The Rules and Payouts 

            The rules are simple as is the design of the game. There are three buttons, the select lines, which allows you to select the number of lines you want to pay, the max bet, which allows you to select the number of coins you wish to place on each line, however, you can only bet a maximum of 300 coins in this game, and then the spin button. The spin button will activate the game. The game does have a fixed value on it and an auto play feature.

            It is important to note that the combinations, if they generate a payout, must begin in the first reel, which is located to the extreme left of the board. Other combinations that do not start on this reel are not eligible for pay out. In order to obtain a payout you must have all five of the items on a line.

            There are two jackpots involved with this game; the first is progressive, with the amount located at the top of the page and the second is the highest payout available through the matches, which is 8000. The payouts reduce from there based on the combination down to 80. This is the regular payout schedule.

            In addition, there is a scatter. These come as a symbol within a combination. It can be a combination by itself, but is exempt from the wild symbol being a completing item. This presents as a multiplier. Five scatters are worth 50 times the amount of coins bet in that round down to three scatters being 3 times and four scatters being worth 10 times the amount of coins bet. These scatters can really increase the amount of the payout considerably. These in combination are not subject to the must start on the first reel rule. These can be placed anywhere on a pay line.

            Features that really stand out with this game are the wild combinations that triple the payout value, the progressive jackpot, and the expert and auto play features.

            The game is easy to understand, has decent features, the software is reliable because it comes from one of the leaders in slot software applications, Microgaming. The criteria are easy to meet and the sounds and graphics have a lot to offer for gamers. The progressive jackpot starts at $250,000.

            There is a downside to this game when it comes to the payout schedule. If you review it, you will find that the major payout, the major Millions, which is 8000 coins and the next highest, which is the Major has a 7000 difference. This is a huge difference in payout.

            If you are looking for a graphically sound game with many features, decent payouts and options, and a progressive jackpot, consider the Major Millions slot game. The coin value is fixed and set at a 0.20 value meaning you can get a lot of bang for your buck with this game.