Cashapillar Slots Game

Cashapillar Slots Game












            • - Up to 100 paylines
            • - Autoplay and expert mode can be used
            • - Gamble bonus in game


            • - Coin options are limited
            • - Payout on regular symbols is not great


            When you hear or read “Cashapillar”, you think of a caterpillar made of cash, right? Well, this can materialize straight to your wallet, once you play it right. Cashapillar is a video slot game that has a Cake symbol you can scatter. There is a “bonus” plastered on the cake as you scatter it to the five reels. Just to make sure that there are at least 2 cakes on the five reels to win the Free Spins Bonus Game.

            cashapillar casino game

            Below are the Cashapillar game features, you should check out:

            1. Cashapillar Wild. The wild symbol that runs in Cashapillar is the Cashapillar logo itself. The rule says that the wild symbols are used as a substitute in completing the winning combinations. You just have to scatter them. Wild symbols also increase the payout for any completed win.
            2. Bonus games. There are two Cashapillar bonus games—the Gamble Bonus Game and the Free Spins Bonus Game. The Gamble Bonus Game is activated when you win at Cashapillar. Here, you get a face-down  card. Then, you have to guess if it is black or red. If you make the right guess, you increase your win by two. This can happen to you until you reach your gamble limit.  The Free Spins Bonus Game opens when at least three Cake symbols are scattered on the five reels. You them receive 15 free spins and all your wins in this game, come to you three times its original worth. What’s more is that you can still get your 15 spins if you have  three or more Cake symbols in those five reels again.
            3. Coins. There are 0.01 to 0.02 coin sizes in Cashapillar. You can bet up to 1,000 coins because paylines reach 100. Just adjust your bets using the BET MAX button below its interface.
            4. Easy Interface. Cashapillar has 100 paylines. Just choose the number of paylines you want to activate. Because of the number of paylines, you might just have a bit of difficulty in keeping track of what you have. There just might be some that you won’t be able to cash in. Simplify your game by clicking on BET MAX at the bottom. Only then can you keep track of your paylines.
            5. Detailed graphics and sounds. It is easy to identify the symbols in Cashapillar because of the details in them. They can be categorized as artwork. The designers of Cashapillar made sure that they are easy to find and properly arranged. You can also adjust the sounds in the game. Background, soundtrack, and game sounds can also be switched around.
            6. Cute theme. Not everyone is into crawly things. If you are, then Cashapillar is perfect for you. Small creatures that crawl are in Cashapillar. You just have to accept the presence of the Jack, the Ace, the Queen, and the King in the game.
            7. Jackpots. The jackpots in Cashapillar are not that high. The Cashapillar symbol gives you 1,000 coins, whenever you get five of the symbols in your activated payline. Another great thing in Cashapillar is that you can win up to 6 million coins in the Free Spins Game.

            If you’re a player who wants a customize your Cashapillar experience, you can freely do so. This just goes to show that Cashapillar is versatile enough to meet your gaming needs. Also enjoy its AutoPlay feature, so that you can play conveniently.