CashOccino Game














            • - 25 Paylines
            • - Autoplay & expert mode available


            • - No bonus for this game
            • - Small payouts


            Do you need your coffee to get going in the morning? Many of us feel that way! CashOccino is one of the few slot machine games you will find that incorporates the love of coffee into it. Even though it is an original theme, you won’t be disappointed. The symbols have been carefully selected and the graphics are very nice.

            The coffee is offered in a variety of colors on the reels. This represents various forms of coffee. This includes the most common coffees such as Espresso, Bella Roma, Mocha Swiss, and Café Latte. The coat of arms style to display them is an idea that goes over quite well. It helps to distinguish them from each other.

            While you play CashOccino, you will enjoy very soft background music. When you win, there are different sounds that occur. When you have free spins taking place, the music is lively and faster paced than during normal game play. During the free spins, you will also notice the background colors change from light to dark brown.

            The animation offered with some of the symbols is very interesting. The Cup of Coffee will rotate and perform one of several movements each time. Coffee symbols also have animation but it is more subtle. One of my favorites is the Mocha Swiss. There is an empty glass and it fills up with the creamy froth.

            The wild symbol on CashOccino is the Cup of Coffee. It is a dark brown color, which distinguishes it from the scatter symbol. That is also a Cup of Coffee but that is gold in color. The wild symbol doesn’t increase the payout for this game. However, it does come up often and it can be used as a substitute for any other symbol. As a result, it significantly increases the odds of winning.

            The scatter symbol allows free spins, and you will earn 15 of them. During those free spins, it is possible to trigger another round of 15. All of those free spins can sure add up quickly to additional coins you have won.

            There are 30 pay lines a player can wager on with this slot machine game. There are 5 reels that spin with each wager. You can but up to 20 coins per line so that is a maximum of up to 600. This game also has a feature called Extra Bet. It can increase the amount you wager on each line by 50%. The flexibility in the number of coins per wager and the denomination of the coins played is a feature players are very appreciative of.

            Who would have thought coffee would one day make it to the world of slot machine games? CashOccino gets attention and it is quickly becoming a favorite game of many players. While it doesn’t offer a progressive jackpot, it does offer generous payouts for various win combinations. You may just decide playing this game while you sip on your favorite coffee is the perfect combination to start your day!


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